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Our Curriculum.

Curriculum tailored for youth of all ages.

We’re working directly with schools to help use our curriculum, training, and professional development to impact the lives of today’s youth. The We Teach Love curriculum is flexible and can be offered in whole or in part, depending on the grade levels offered, school culture, and students’ needs. Contact us for more information on pricing and how to integrate the We Teach Love curriculum in to your academic program.



  • We deliver the core curriculum
  • Does not include license

Professional Training

  • We deliver grade-specific training to teachers
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Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

From Kindergarten through 3rd grade, we offer grade-specific professional development training and support to parents to begin introducing healthy relationship concepts to students. Teachers implement their training in the classroom by empowering students to adopt healthy behavioral concepts early, such as establishing physical boundaries, respectfully disagreeing, sharing, and practicing vulnerability in communication and developing trust.


4th to 6th Grade

Beginning in the 4th grade, students are introduced to the core curriculum and build upon that introduction in the 5th and 6th grades with relevant electives that are specific to the ways in which they relate to each other.


7th to 8th Grade

In the 7th grade, students retake the core curriculum, with additional focus on romantic relationships followed by additional elective courses in the 8th grade, focused on consent and reiterating earlier themes such as establishing boundaries, practicing vulnerability and respectful conflict resolution.


High School

As students enter high school, they refresh with the core curriculum in the 9th grade. For their remaining high school years, students take electives focused on the relationships they typically enter in their post-secondary lives, such as the dynamics they will tackle as they become employed, enter into marriage or other long-term partnerships, and become parents.

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