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We host workshops tailored to your needs.

With all workshops, we include all materials such as journals, pens, conference bags, online courses, exercises and activities, and more. The cost of workshops vary by hour, location, and number of attendees.

Customize Your Workshop

Choose your topics:

We provide workshops on the following topics. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know and we can create a custom solution for you.
  • Increasing Self-Worth by exercising self-love and self-care
  • Parenting Skills in teaching healthy interpersonal relationship skills
  • Applying Healthy Relationship Skills in Long-term relationships and Marriage
  • Healthy Relationships among staff and leadership in the workplace (Relating as a leader/being vulnerability as a leader)
  • Courage & Vulnerability
  • Teambuilding & Team Relationships
  • The Impact of Culture & Race Matters on interpersonal relationships
  • The Impact of Current Events on interpersonal relationships
  • Healthy Relationship Fundamentals
    • Communication
    • Safety & Respect
    • Trust
    • Balance
    • Intimacy
  • Redefining gender roles within healthy relationships
  • Healing from trauma, abuse and unhealthy relationships
  • Abusers’ Rehabilitation & Behavioral Change (Stress and Emotion management)
  • Spirituality/Religion and its role in interpersonal relationships
  • Forgiveness & respectful conflict resolution
  • Entering and ending interpersonal relationships (accountability)
  • Managing uncomfortable conversations in interpersonal relationships
    • Money
    • In-laws & extended family issues
    • Health & Wellness
  • Preparing for a romantic relationship while single
  • Ego & Insecurity
  • Understanding the connection between self-worth and external relationships
  • Coping with challenging or unhealthy relationships
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